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Encouraging Your Child’s Love Of Learning Through The Summer

Summer Camp | Kindergarten to Grade 6 | Serving Toledo, OH

Your Child’s Mind Stays
Sharp With Fun Learning

Your child will improve their skills, like language, arts, and math, in a fun and supportive environment. Our Summer Fun Learning Program runs from 9 AM to noon, Monday to Friday, and is available to students from kindergarten to grade eight.

Reading And Writing
Skills Practiced Every Day

Reading and writing are practiced in so many fun ways. From circle and storytime for the younger kids to a mini book club for our older students, all of our literacy activities are designed to engage your child’s mind.
Attentive school girl doing her homework in classroom at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH
Smiling pupil using abacus in classroom at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Fun And Stimulating
Games To Boost Math Skills

Your child will learn and practice math concepts through exciting group projects and challenging yet fun problem-solving games. Practicing math every day gives your child confidence and makes their math skills automatic.

Enhancing Essential Social
Skills Like Cooperation

Teachers encourage group discussions and other small and large group activities, which give your child many opportunities to share, take turns, and cooperate. Children learn and grow with a healthy sense of collaboration and with respect for each other.
Children doing homework outdoor at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH
mother help Black boy doing homework at home at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Flexible Programming To Suit
Your Summer Schedule

The summer program runs in the morning only so you and your child can spend the afternoon enjoying the summer sun. Participation every day is not mandatory but is recommended for consistent learning.

Yummy, Nutritious
Snacks Are Provided

Healthy snacks, milk, and water are available for your child every day at our summer program. Nourishing food to stay healthy and alert is essential for learning.
Elementary Pupils Enjoying Healthy Lunch In Cafeteria at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

parent reviews

Rochelle Smith
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I like this school, I feel that my granddaughter's educational needs are met and then some. Thumbs up to staff and students
Tiffany Michelle
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Great school, i just love how friendly everyone is
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the school is wonderful. My son has learned so much these past two months and really enjoys his K-teacher, Mrs. Harris. Very kind staff. Very interested in the kids' educations.

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