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Learning With
Lots Of Love

Children Strive For Excellence in A Supportive Environment

Preschool | 4 - 5 Years | Serving Toledo, OH

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Become An Integral Member Of Our School Community

We encourage parents to volunteer in our classrooms and spend time with their children at school. Bonding with your child and being active in the school community has many benefits, including creating a robust social network for your child and your family.

50 Years Of Experience And Wisdom In Early Childhood Care

Mrs. Ann Harris has 50 years of experience as a public school teacher and Founder/Superintendent of a private preschool. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of early childhood education is an invaluable resource for our preschool staff.
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Big sister helps the little brother on the computer at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Technology As A Teacher
(Only Sometimes!)

We equip all our classrooms with computers and smartboards. We are careful to limit your little one’s screen time, and only use technology when it is appropriate for fun tasks and games that teach pre-reading or math skills.

Instilling The Importance Of
Literacy In Your Child

Your child will be immersed in a language-filled environment to encourage pre-literacy skills. Circle time with story-telling, silly songs, and dramatic role-play are all ways in which your child develops a love for language and literacy in the classroom.
Kindergarten teacher reading book to children at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH
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Hands-On Activities
Makes Learning Fun

Preschoolers are taught basic math and science concepts, like pattern recognition or observation skills, through fun group projects and hands-on activities. Your child will love working with classmates and learning with all of their senses.

Loving And Qualified Teachers To Care For Your Little One

Our preschool teachers have a bachelor of education with continuing studies in early childhood education. They are up-to-date on the latest brain-science in small children, so they understand what your child needs to learn new things.
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Nourishing Meals To Keep Your Child Healthy And Active

Healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch are provided daily. Food is prepared according to the USDA recommended meal patterns. Our caterers ensure your child is getting two wholesome meals that include fruit, vegetables, and protein, and are low in sugar.

Developing Confidence And
Resilience In Your Child

Your little preschooler is still learning a lot about his feelings and how to deal with them. Our teachers expertly guide your child through tough moments with compassion and kindness to help put them on the path to resilience.
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Little boy holding rainbow card in his hand at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Plans And Protocols In Place
To Keep Your Child Safe

Our school follows state-mandated protocols for any emergency. We prepare our students and teachers with drills for inclement weather, fire, and lockdowns throughout the year.

Fun, Memorable Learning
Outside Of The Classroom

Field trips to the local library or the apple orchard give your little one exciting experiences to stimulate their mind and body. Your child will build their knowledge base while creating lovely memories and having fun with their friends.
kids field trip at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

parent reviews

Rochelle Smith
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I like this school, I feel that my granddaughter's educational needs are met and then some. Thumbs up to staff and students
Tiffany Michelle
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Great school, i just love how friendly everyone is
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the school is wonderful. My son has learned so much these past two months and really enjoys his K-teacher, Mrs. Harris. Very kind staff. Very interested in the kids' educations.

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