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Excellence in Education

Empowering Children Through Leadership And Literacy

Elementary | Grade 1 - 6 | Serving Toledo, OH

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Leadership Skills Built Into
Our Learning Program

Our school does not focus solely on academic achievement, but on developing all aspects of your child – emotional, physical, and intellectual. Being able to build relationships, self-confidence, and resilience are invaluable skills your child picks up along their six-year journey with us.

Family Involvement Supports
Your School Community

Get involved in your child’s classroom and our school culture with the PTO. You can meet other parents and build an incredible social network for your family. Volunteering at school events and on field trips also gives you a chance to bond with your child and be a part of their day-to-day.
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Safe And Efficient Transport On Our Yellow Buses

We hire only certified bus drivers for our fleet of 4 yellow school buses. Bus drivers are on time, know students by name, and always get our babies child around safely every day. Safety is forever at the forefront of our minds.

Children Can Explore
The Latest Technology

Learning how to navigate and program computers are essential skills needed for later employment and even everyday life. We teach tech skills in age-appropriate ways from operating software, such as making spreadsheets or using photoshop, to coding for building websites and programming robots.
Kids in computer class at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH
student reading a book at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Individualizing Your Child’s
Learning For School Success

Our teachers rigorously prepare your child, with an emphasis on reading, writing, and math, for the Third Grade Achievement Assessment Test. These test scores will determine your child’s overall grade and also allow us to tailor their learning plan to ensure academic success in higher grades.

Problem-Solving And Collaboration Are Practiced Every Day

In our classrooms, teachers guide your child independently explores concepts with other students through hands-on projects and group discussions. This style of learning teaches your child how to ask questions and solve problems while encouraging cooperation and collaboration between peers.
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teacher with group of children at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Dedicated, Energetic, Skilled
Staff Guide Your Child

All of our teachers are required to have a bachelor of education. They participate in continuing education programs to bring the latest grade-appropriate knowledge to their classrooms.

Catered Meals For Optimal
Nutrition Provided Daily

A hearty and healthy lunch and breakfast are provided every day. Our catering company follows USDA recommendations to ensure your child is getting the right amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, and milk.
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young girls hugging at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

An Anti-Bullying Stance To
Kids Happy and Safe

We aim to create a respectful atmosphere in our school for your child with zero tolerance for bullying and violence. Our teachers always model good behaviors to our students and can de-escalate a heated situation should they have to.

Always Prepared For Safety
In Times Of Emergency

Our staff and students participate in scheduled drills and information sessions regarding safety protocols in emergencies throughout the school year. You and your child will be well-informed on our policies regarding severe weather, medical and fire emergencies, as well as school lockdown procedures.
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Enrichments Such as Dance and Drum Line Included

Our school enrichment programs allow your child to discover new and creative ways to express themselves. Apart from developing new skills, your child will make new friends and contribute to the school culture and community through performances and presentations. Our school clubs include:

Field Trips Bring Real-World Context To Classroom Learning

Field trips are another vehicle used to propel your child’s learning and expose your child to new and exciting cultural experiences. Trips outside of the class provide memorable experiences that can be tied into the class curriculum. We often visit:

parent reviews

Rochelle Smith
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I like this school, I feel that my granddaughter's educational needs are met and then some. Thumbs up to staff and students
Tiffany Michelle
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Great school, i just love how friendly everyone is
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the school is wonderful. My son has learned so much these past two months and really enjoys his K-teacher, Mrs. Harris. Very kind staff. Very interested in the kids' educations.

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