We’re in a Quiet, Safe Neighborhood

Close to Everything you Need to get the Day Done

Conveniently Close To Everything A Family Needs

Conveniently Close to
Everything a Family Needs

Accessible from N. Detroit and Nebraska Avenues, we’re located near grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and parks so you can get errands done and squeeze in some family fun without having to travel far.

A Clean Environment Keeps us all Healthy and Focused on Learning

Our professional team of cleaners uses anti-bacterial and viral products to clean the Academy. We pay particular attention to high-traffic areas like doorknobs and light switches to stem the potential spread of cold and flu so we can stay healthy and present for learning.
A Clean Environment Keeps Us All Healthy And Focused On Learning
first day at school. father leads a little child school girl in first grade

Our Grounds are Safe Because we Take all Precautions Necessary

Rigorous background checks for staff, scheduled drills, and emergency response information sessions are held throughout the year to keep everyone up to date on how to manage an emergency and stay safe.

Remember, our free transportation buses pick up and drop off our students daily, taking care of extra travel time and gas expenses for families so they have one less thing to worry about.

728 Parkside Boulevard, Toledo, OHIO 43607

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