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Nearly A Decade Of Early Literacy
And Educational Excellence

Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

We take your child's health seriously

Governor DeWine announced Ohio’s COVID19-related school-building closure order will extend through the end of the school year. This order includes all public, community and private K-12 schools in the state. As more information becomes available, we will let all our parents know about it.

Meanwhile, AEE teachers will continue to provide ONLINE LEARNING. We are all on this together!!

It is our pleasure to announce that academy of educational excellence will gradually re-open its doors to all children with the exception of those children whose parents have chosen to remain virtual.

Please follow the dates and instructions

During the first full week parents should plan to transport their child/children. During that time instructions will be given regarding safety and social distancing in school as well as on the bus. Parents will have the option to sign up for busing or continue to transport their child/children. Also parents that are unable to bring their child before bus service resumes must continue to have their child attend school daily, virtually.
Parents who choose the virtual option will still have their children log in to the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM daily at 9:00 am as usual.
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We prepare your child
for higher education

Founder/Superintendent Ann Harris, a former elementary school teacher, has 50 years of experience working in the Toledo school district and early childhood education. Her expertise informs the nurturing environment and rigorous curriculum that is the foundation for your child’s future success.

Your Child Builds Confidence and Leadership Skills Every Day

While leadership skills can come naturally, children learn lessons along the way that significantly influences them later in life. The right words at the right time can make all the difference.
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how we inspire leadership in your child:

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How Early Literacy
Impacts Your Child’s
Academic Achievement

In addition to being pure fun, reading and literacy skills adequately prepare children for the important third-grade achievement assessment. Our teachers strongly encourage early literacy and essential math skills that boost childrens’ confidence and support their long-term success.

Your Child Gains Essential
tech skills in an
ultramodern Computer lab

Your child will hone high-tech skills in a computer lab loaded with technology. Your child gains essential skills like software navigation and keyboard use while learning through stimulating, age-appropriate educational games.

Hands-On Learning experiences Make For Better Understanding

Children are continually organizing and reorganizing knowledge to make sense of their world. We empower your child to follow their instinct and construct their own knowledge base through fun, interactive, hands-on experiences.

Highly Educated Teachers Who Inspire Excellence

We require our teachers to have, at minimum, a Bachelor of Education degree and to upgrade their qualifications continually. We believe that excellence in education begins when our team brings leading teaching techniques into your child’s classroom.
Black schoolgirl holds a plate of food at a Elementary School Serving Toledo, OH

Healthy Meals Fuel
Healthy Minds And Bodies

Catered breakfast and lunch are provided to our students every day. Wholesome and hearty meals meet the USDA meal pattern requirements, so you know your child is getting proper nutrition and balanced meals that are low in sugar.

Yellow Busses Provide
Year-Round Transportation

We ensure transportation to and from school in safety with four yellow buses equipped for 72 passengers. Our drivers are courteous, timely, and fully certified; your child will be well taken care of upon pick-up and drop-off.
young boy holding his certificate of excellence at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Toledo, OH

Engaged Parents Help Kids
Succeed Even More

When you help in class, supervise on field trips, or assist with community events, your child is less likely to have low self-esteem, need redirection in the classroom, or develop behavioral issues.

Children with engaged parents are more likely to:

To Safeguard Your Child,
We Have Zero
Tolerance For Bullying

Our zero-tolerance stance on bullying, violence, and fighting creates a steady atmosphere of kinship, friendship, and kindness. Teachers are trained to support conflict-resolution and will step in at any moment to regain the environment of respect that we are known for.
happy children playing outdoors at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Toledo, OH
two boys smiling in class at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Toledo, OH

Top Notch Safety Planning
and Emergency Preparedness

We respect policies and protocols in the event of place emergencies such as fire, medical, inclement weather, and school lockdowns. We practice drills regularly for your child’s safety and ensure we inform parents of all precautionary measures.

Enrichments! Foreign Languages, Performing Arts, and More

School clubs and enrichment programs are vital for your child’s whole development. Your child can explore their talents and abilities, meet with like-minded peers, make friends, and share beautiful experiences in:
drumline at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Toledo, OH
happy boy and girl feeding a goat during field trip at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Toledo, OH

Monthly Field Trips For Extra Fun
& Community Exploration

Your child will get out into the world to experience fun and inspiring field trips. We believe every child deserves the extracurricular activities to broaden their horizons, which include visits to:

parent reviews

Rochelle Smith
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I like this school, I feel that my granddaughter's educational needs are met and then some. Thumbs up to staff and students
Tiffany Michelle
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Great school, i just love how friendly everyone is
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the school is wonderful. My son has learned so much these past two months and really enjoys his K-teacher, Mrs. Harris. Very kind staff. Very interested in the kids' educations.

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